Art in Transit Gallery is also interested in the secondary art market.

Curator Chrissie McLaughlin loves a little dealing!

Buying: Whether you want to start a collection, decorate your home or holiday house, our resale gallery has an eclectic quality collection and bargains to procure. Where you see POA, please enquire for the price, as we are open to negotiations.

Selling: If you have moved house and find your collection has become too big “Art Resale” is the answer. Feeling like a change of art, likewise, making room for a new collection.

How to apply: It’s simple to get your resale art collection online; we require an accurate colour correct image, the size of your artwork and sale price. Fill in the form: Submit your artwork.

Note: We require a visual condition report subject to Chrissie’s approval. Your resale artwork would then be posted online in our resale gallery. 

We offer a range of services POA: evaluation, mould cleaning, restoration, reframing, copy photographing.

The commission is 30% on the sale of the artwork.

Contact Chrissie directly for advice either selling or buying 

Current works for sale