Danielle Piat

Danielle Piat lives and works in Port Douglas, Queensland.

In the pursuit of artistic expression, sculpture has always been Danielle Piat’s chosen technique. Although a highly skilled multidisciplinary artist in various art methods – drawing, painting, sgraffito – sculpture prevails, as the way Danielle believes she is best emotionally expressed.

In creating her dramatic, idiosyncratic works, Danielle draws on a selection of materials, with clay as her current preferred medium. “Clay brings back halcyon days when, as a child I would sit by the dam on the family farm and play with the wet mud to form ‘sculptures’”, Danielle says. “Each sculpture I create allows me to revel in past happiness, and I think part of that childhood happiness can be glimpsed in each piece.”

Key themes across her practice include feminine and animal-oriented studies, along with the whole human form. There is a clear overriding philosophy that all living creatures are intertwined on this Earth, and the visual symbolism of how each are affected by the other is a significant focus in her work.
Danielle is influenced by Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Henry Moore – the brilliance of Picasso and his abstraction and preoccupation with female subjects, Frida for her difficult journey and passion for animals and Henry for his semi-abstractive sculptures.