Boys Face Nautical – David Bromley


Acrylic on Linen
1200 x 900 mm


David Bromley was born 1960 in Sheffield, England is an Australian artist best known for his painting and sculpture, in particular his portraits, and his paintings of children, birds, butterflies and female nudes. He began his career in Adelaide as a potter. He has exhibited widely in Australia, and also in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, and has been a finalist at the Archibald Prize six times.

The owners are personal friends with the artist and have an extensive collection of Davids artworks. Boys Face Nautical is one of Davids earlier works. This artist is highly collectable and his work is instantly recognisable.  Selling due to space in a new property. The artwork is in immaculate condition. Acrylic on Linen 1200 x 900 mm.

Artist Description
Many of my early works were themed nautical or children juxtaposed against nautical imagery
For two main reasons, I spent a huge amount of my life near or directly next to the ocean and was addicted to it and spent most of my life amongst it, beachcombing surfing etc Its also a metaphor for the journeys that seem surreal and adventurous were beyond the horizon anything is possible. “A future that is dreamlike and noon linear” I also like making art that is appealing to the eye and nautical imagery is to me very charming
Artwork located in Port Douglas 
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